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Routepay Set To Revolutionize Payments

The Nigerian payment landscape is set to experience a boost with the entrance of Routepay, a game-changing Fintech company driven by the desire to ensure that digital payment is made possible and available without hassles.

Founded and managed by a team of astute professionals with deep knowledge and understanding of payment systems in Nigeria as well as various enviable standards globally, our objectives are well aligned with the goals of the Central Bank of Nigeria in ensuring financial inclusion for the entire populace.

Inspired by a growing need for improved processes, services, products, and accessibility in the digital payment/financial technology industry, Routepay is set to surpass the growing expectations of consumers in Nigeria by offering more value beyond what they currently enjoy. At RoutePay, we are intent on enhancing connections between parties in the payment space and driving digital payment transformation in a changing and demanding world.

RoutePay has an array of products and services targeting different market segments, demography, inclinations, and learnings. We provide solutions that enhance ease of payments and collections. Our products and services are also omnichannel – available across all channels of payments – Web. Mobile, POS. ATM, USSD, etc. and we ensure that the user experience of our products and services across any of these channels are excellent.

We accept all payment methods – Cards (Debit, Credit, Prepaid), USSD, Bank accounts, Transfers, QR, eNaira, Wallets, etc.

Leveraging technology, we have deployed an intelligent customer experience survey system to capture feedback from our users. This is to help listen to their expectations and adjust products, services, and processes where required. Remember that our “Purpose is to Eliminate/Reduce Pain Points”.
Benefits that Routepay customers will enjoy include:

  • Trust and peace of mind – they can rest assured that their payment information is safe and secure, not being exposed to any form of fraud.
  • High transaction success rate – we guarantee that transactions will be successful.
  • Instant Support – enhanced support system available every time – 24 hours and in all languages and across different channels of engagement.
  • Innovative solutions – the objective is to make it easy to pay or collect money digitally, this will be done in an innovative manner.
  • Simple and easy-to-use channels and platforms
  • Agility – we will listen and adjust as required
  • Competitive pricing – For us, cheaper does not mean low quality, we will deliver high-quality services at cheaper rates.

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